Yellow Pages


Yellow Pages, a vital marketing solution that acts as a source of sales and business leads for small as well as medium-sized enterprises, is much used by people to find local businesses and services. With continual use and importance to the local economy and sustainability, Yellow Pages services involve complex processing and intensive information transfer.

With real time publication and updating involved in Yellow Pages services, the need for agile and dynamic IT applications that can help you manage all the data increases. Handling a large amount of unprocessed data and processing it in a way that will benefit customers are the real challenges for your company closely associated with this industry.

In perfect understanding of your objectives, Pixint develops customizable software solutions to smoothen your tasks to a great extent. Pixint's team of creative as well as skilled professionals designs and develops solutions, after analyzing inside-out of every aspect of your business. With the best software solutions to help you create, edit, and manage huge databases with ease, Pixint ensures that all your requirements are met.