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Chapter I – Defining Information Technology in Healthcare

What is Information Technology in Healthcare?

Typical examples of IT in healthcare Industry?

  • To establish its online presence
  • Extremely fluid internal search capability and
  • High relevance to searched queries in the displayed results.

Real Estate White Paper
International Real Estate Business Scenario and Digitalizing – Trends and Focus

Chapter I – Basics of Real Estate and Investment Opportunities

  • Definition
  • Real Estate from Investors' Perspective
  • Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Retail Banking White Paper
Retail Banking and Role of Information Technology in Customer Experience
  • Role of Information Technology and Internet in Retail Banking
  • Importance of Information Technology in Retail Banking

Telecom White Paper
Impact of LTE (4G Long Term Evolution) and Information Technology on Telecom Business

Chapter I: IT & Cloud Technologies in Transforming Telecom Business

  • Telecom Business Will be Data Driven
  • Massive Growth Foreseen in Broadband Service