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Is poor user experience driving away the good potential customers from your company?

Pixint, with a team of professional testers, assess the usability as well as the design factors like ease-of-navigation, consistency, feature visibility, function and error control, performance, feedback and accessibility, to ensure correct operation.

With years of experience and excellence, Pixint understands that usability and reliability go hand in hand. Pixint's Usability and Reliability Testing service embodies speed as well as comprehensibility, with a complete assessment delivered in a very short span of time on your budget.

Pixint, with client-focused approach, develops comprehensive multimodal usability studies, analysis every possible aspect, generate real life scenarios, compare multiple versions statistically, and expertly interpret the result in a customized multimedia report. With in-depth knowledge, Pixint ensures that the test reveals even the very minor flaws in the codes and helps you correct them well in advance. With Pixint as your testing partner, your product is bound to be the next error-free blockbuster!

Just get in touch with us! Pixint is here to serve you with the best solutions ever!