Shopping or watching TV or communicating or travelling, Information technology and telecom has now become the centre of everyday life. The two different sectors are very much interlinked with the technologies driving them both, and are in fact, increasingly merging together to form one industry. In fact, information technology is the very essence of telecom industry, with the World Wide Web being the backbone of telecom sector.

Telecom companies rely on the internet for everything like sending bills, monitoring the businesses, selling services, post-marketing services such as customer care, complaint redressing and upgrading. In telecom industry, with the complex and constantly changing tariff systems, the need for sophisticated IT systems for mediation, rating and billing has increased rapidly.

With all the advancements in technology, the real-time processes in telecom industries require a fully IT-automated process chain. Pixint uses, nothing but the best in the latest technologies that not many in this industry can match, provides the best solution for telecom industries. With a team of efficient and passionate professionals, Pixint gets to know the exact need and develops a solution that can help you exceed the expectations of your customers.