retail banking


Gone are the days when people had to waiting at bank counters for hours together. Be it withdrawing cash, making payments or requesting loan for home mortgage, people prefer getting it done in a few minutes at their comfort. Today, the World Wide Web has made all that happen! With the advent of information technology and the internet, drastically changing the ways in which retail banking is delivered to customers, Internet banking has turned out to be an important source of revenue for banks.

Retail banks get to save tons of money by adopting IT technologies to provide the customers with quality service at their doorsteps. Video conferencing and interactive voice response systems are just a few of the technologies used in Retail Banking that have gained great responses from customers all over the world. Especially with the emergence of M-Banking or Mobile Banking, the retail banking services are transformed to user-centric, making it possible for anybody to transfer money even in areas where internet is not accessible.

Retail banking, however, has been always slow in reacting to latest trends brought about in the consumer-driven environment, but with a steady growth in adopting technologies. Pixint, with years of experience, has proved its worth as the preferred destination for the best Retail Banking solutions. At Pixint, you can count upon our unmatched competence and the modern technologies we use for delivering great solutions that best suit your needs.