ONLINE lunch order


Life gets busy with unexpected meetings then and there. And Pixint is here to save you some time!

With Hot Lunch Order, Pixint gives the schools and parents, a chance to make use of the on demand technology in the form of an easy to use school meal ordering application. Pixint, with expertise, customizes each program and process in Hot Lunch Order to meet the specific requirements of each school.

Pixint, with our client centric approach, automates the lunch program with quick posting of custom daily menus for parents to pre-order. Pixint, with expert designers and developers, provides you with a perfect solution that lists who ordered exactly what every day by grade and alphabetically.

Hot Lunch Order works the best if you operate your own canteen or even have multiple vendors, allowing you to configure prices with +/- portion. With round the clock support for both parents as well as the school administrators, Pixint makes managing lunch orders simple like never before.