ONLINE education software


Pixint, with expertise and excellence, works with clients all across the globe to develop and implement the best technological solutions that improves every aspect of the educational sector. Pixint, with clear understanding of the competitive education climate, has come up with Web BlackBoard that can help your institution stand out. With the objective to enhance the learning environment, Pixint offers Web Blackboard which gives the users an unforgettable experience.

Pixint, with this new innovative platform, improves the effectiveness and efficiency of instructional planning. With easy to use navigation, Web BlackBoard can be used to pool all the resources and share it with the students with varied projects and skill levels. Pixint, with different user privileges, gives the site admins control over what information is shared by whom and what resources are being accessed by the students, making it easy for the staff to encourage the students with the best resources for them to explore and learn.