Online Publishing


With the world spinning around the World Wide Web, the role of IT in online publishing is becoming more dominant lately. A market study by a popular organization has indicated that half of the magazines will be published online and lose their paper form by 2015. In fact, Digitization is adopted widely like never before making clear that online publishing is advancing not gradually but in giant strides.

That’s not all, with the world going mobile, one of the most important things to consider while publishing content online is to make it available for mobile users. Especially, with the buzz around responsive designs, it’s now a must for your content to be available on all devices.

Not to forget, the need for the finest user-interface has also drastically increased, to provide the users with the most incredible experience ever. Pixint, with a dynamically creative team of experts, help you with the best online publishing solutions. Pixint uses all the latest techniques and keeps up with the market trends to popularize your content and services.