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A leading US based Metal and alloy company had approached us to automate their whole process beginning with the procurement of raw metal to its final dispatch to market. The process chain consisted of sourcing raw metal, synthesizing it, holding an inventory, maintaining a list of orders for execution and doing COA analysis.

The principal challenges that the client faced was managing the huge amount of data that was being generated during the whole process which needs to be exchanged between the different departments of the company. The principal objective of the company in entrusting the automating process to us was the need to improve productivity and to streamline the process end to end.


PIXINT studied the whole process in depth and concluded that –

  • The existing system did not provide for an accurate system of exchange of data between the different departments within the company and it required a total revamp to make things more efficient.
  • The present system was not automated and depended heavily on physical labor to accomplish the company's day to day activities.
  • The flow of information being manual, work flow within the system suffered delays and was incomplete.
  • The different work modules then were not integrated which resulted in frequent disruption of smooth flow of work.
  • The user interface in the different modules was also found to be non-friendly to the users.

Our immediate challenges were to integrate the whole process and to streamline the functioning of every department within the organization.


PIXINT was able to deliver an automated web based system that could do away with the need to transfer data manually. The manual requirements were brought down to the least possible, resulting in low manpower requirements with a high degree of accuracy. The solution was developed on PHP with MVC framework called Codeigniter. The solution is particularly noted for its high level of precision and for efficiently coordinating the different users at different levels.

The salient features of our new solution for the company includes –

  • An user-friendly tab-based interface that saves on manual labor and time
  • An interface that combines different activities like metal purchases, metal synthesizes and order processing into one single interface to achieve complete efficiency.
  • A Course of Action Analysis module to obtain precision over different synthesis processes for metals.
  • The ability to integrate Quick Books to manage financial and other related activities to keep the management informed of sales and sale proceeds.
  • A label printing solution module for different products and for providing information on shipping details.

By implementing our solution the company is able to –

  • Share data instantaneously within the organization with minimal requirement of physical exertion.
  • Share information within the different departments accurately and precisely.
  • Have better control over inventory resulting in savings on the cost of holding heavy stocks.
  • Instant access is available to the management to speedily take decisions and order fresh inventory.
  • Manage the supply chain without delays in delivery of finished products.
  • Products are easily identified and dispatched without mix up of orders.
  • Payments are recovered faster resulting in higher profitability.

Overall, the company is able to save on labor, time, improve quality of products and increase sales.

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