Managing a growing business is often a complex task, especially if the business process involves production, holding multiple inventories and delivering stock to customers under a time bound plan. Information needs to be shared across different sections – sales, purchase, production planning, inventory control, dispatch, accounts and top management, resulting in requirement of a robust and dynamic system to share information precise and quick.

Pixint, with a blend of expertise and experience, comprehend the need for a well defined system and has designed several process defining solutions to address the problems that any business faces today. Focused towards a safe environment, information at finger tips and to accelerate the business process, the company endeavors precise and cost effective results for its patrons.

Pixint, with a team of highly skilled resources, strikes the right balance between data processing and sharing among teams with a well defined process. A variety of capabilities including large data handling, rapid processing, and precise communication form an organized workflow, resulting in delivering accurate product.