Health Care


In this Digital Era, the world of healthcare has changed the way people access health services. Doctors, hospitals, paramedical staff, pharmacists, insurance companies and even on-the-spot nursing staff use IT driven resources in lifesaving situations. Behind all these abilities is the World Wide Web. With the recent technological advancements, it is now possible to access medical records in seconds and commence treatment within minutes and thereby save a life.

IT technologies are today indispensable in the healthcare industry, with more and more people turning to online consultations. Especially, with the emergence of Telemedicine and Telehealth, doctors from hundreds of miles apart can remotely monitor patient's vital signs through video conferencing to deliver the best treatment to the patients.

IT driven healthcare is too valuable a resource to be taken lightly. In fact, IT is progressively penetrating the healthcare service delivery all across the globe, driven by the reduced costs, efficiency imperatives, interoperability of existing fragmented hospital systems and increased health awareness among the people. Pixint, with years of expertise and excellence, understands the role of IT in healthcare industry like no other company does. With a team of highly talented professionals, Pixint is looking forward to serving you with something unique!