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In this dynamic software environment, testing the impact of modifications on operational software components is very essential to stay ahead in the competitive market. Pixint, with the end-to-end automated regression testing services, ensures consistent, repeatable validation of every release and software features, to help the clients achieve their goals.

Pixint, with years of automated regression testing experience, leverages innovative risk based methods by designing and developing robust test cases to ensure high degree of reliability and reusability. With expertise and excellence, Pixint starts resolving issues even at the budding stage to develop software products with new interesting features to enhance the user experience like never before and empower your users.

Pixint, with automated regression as its specialization, supports next-generation, evolutionary automation to meet the agile lifecycle and ensure scalability. Pixint, with a team of highly talented professional testers, uses robust test suites, guaranteeing a sustainable and transparent test service. With a client-focused approach, Pixint looks into every minute detail using the layered automated test hybrid framework configured to meet your specific requirements and reduce any additional burden of testing.

With a track record of numerous tests for several companies in different industries, we keep up the promises by offering the best regression testing services that suits your business.